Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

Products and solutions for the strict hygiene regulations in the food and beverage industry

Products for the food and beverage industry

Production processes in the food and beverage industry are characterized by strict hygiene regulations and extreme conditions. The demands on the plants and their components are correspondingly high, and the processes are as diverse and complex as the foodstuffs themselves. Our products for the food & beverage sector meet these diverse requirements.

Solutions for your industry

Beverage vending machines

  • Coffee machines
  • Portafilter
  • Instand filter machines
  • Postmix
  • Premix
  • Hot water machines
  • Water dispensers
Ein Glas wird unter einer Schankanlage mit Wasser befüllt
Solutions for your industry

Dispensing systems

Unter einer Schankanlage stehen verschiedene Gläser mit Getränken
Solutions for your industry

Kitchen appliances

  • Ovens
  • Water steam appliances
Eine Frau schiebt ein Blech mit Gebäck in den Ofen

We master demanding challenges in the food sector

Optimum brewing temperature and flow for the perfect coffee

Café Creme at 88°C, espresso at 92°C – the optimum temperature makes all the difference. Our push-in fittings and media-separated solenoid valves allow the optimum brewing temperature for each brewing group and a feed via different circuits. Our sensors specifically and precisely control and regulate the fluid flows during coffee preparation. The interaction of different media, temperatures and pressures is no problem for our food & beverage components


Flavoured Coffee - the right syrup for every coffee taste

Fulfilling customers' desire for coffee variety. At a well-known Swiss coffee machine manufacturer, a connection specially developed by us links the syrup station directly to the coffee machine. This required special adapters with different connections and materials for different media and circuits. From design, tool and equipment construction to the plastics department, thanks to the high in-house production depth, we fulfill our customers' special requests quickly and flexibly.

Intelligent spray applications in baking ovens

Increasing production and improving quality – bakeries use automated spray technology for baked goods in numerous processes. Whether spraying oil, butter, flavorings or moisture onto baked goods, applying release agents to baking molds or adding viscous media such as glazes and sugar solutions, our fittings are used successfully in typical spray applications. They impress with their hygienic design and high resistance to steam and cleaning agents.

  • 01

    Fitting technology

    ELSA Push-in and RAPID Push-on fittings for liquid and gaseous media

  • 02

    Function fitting technology

    Flow and shut-off valves, pressure relief and multifunction valves, couplings and filters for various applications

  • 03

    Valve technology

    Indirect and direct-acting valves and solenoid valves for controlling fluids and gases

  • 04

    Measurement and control technology

    Temperature sensors, pressure sensors, conductivity sensors and motorized dispensing valves for precise measurement for the control of fluid flow

For your food & beverage needs

Hygienic, low dead space design

Process integrity and product safety play an important role in the food & beverage segment. Our hygienic design reduces media and bacteria build-up and ensures equipment and components are cleanable.

High resistance

The combination of fats, fruit or lactic acids with aggressive cleaning agents and chemicals is an everyday occurrence in food & beverage applications. Thanks to the appropriate materials, our products are resistant to fatty, alcoholic, dry, abrasive or aggressive media and score highly for their high resistance.

FDA compliant & NSF certified

In the food industry, compliance with certain safety standards is a prerequisite. Our food & beverage products meet these strict requirements and can be used in the food industry without any health risks.

Maximum flexibility

Increasingly productive and automated plants in the food & beverage segment require flexibility, speed and precision in a confined space. Our compact product design guarantees low space requirements and lightness with easy and fast handling. The wide range of materials and shapes ensures flexible application possibilities.

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