Tailored solutions for your industry

Connecting, Controling, Measuring & Transferring.
Worldwide, customers from a wide range of market segments in the field of fluid technology rely on the quality, expertise and products of AVS Römer.

Food & Beverage

Products and solutions for the strict hygiene regulations in the food and beverage industry



Products and solutions for the complex conditions in industrial applications


Life Science

Products and solutions for the highest purity requirements in medical and laboratory technology


Your benefits


Every requirement has technical particularities. That is why we rely on profound market and industry knowledge to find the optimal solution.

In-house production

Our experience in fluid technology combined with the high in-house manufacturing depth enables the production of products at the highest level

Diversity of materials

With the diversity of materials and our materials expertise, we develop the most suitable solutions for each industry, application and use, and in compliance with standards.

Our components at a glance

  • 1 Connecting

    ELSA Push-in and RAPID Push-on fittings

  • 2 Controlling

    Functional fittings, solenoid and dispensing valves

  • 3 Measuring

    Conductivity, pressure and temperature sensors

  • 4 Transferring


Fast, flexible and reliable

  • Sample production according to your individual requirements
  • Production of injection molds in our in-house tool shop
  • Fluid simulations
  • Know-how in handling high-performance plastics such as PPSU and PVDF

What can we do for you?

AVS Römer GmbH & Co. KG
Reismühle 3
94481 Grafenau
Tel: +49 8552 4076 0
E-Mail: info@avs-roemer.de

AVS Römer GmbH & Co. KG
Reismühle 3
94481 Grafenau
Tel: +49 8552 4076 0
E-Mail: info@avs-roemer.de