Life Science

Life Science

Products and solutions for the highest purity requirements in medical and laboratory technology

Products for life science

Applications in the life science sector are diverse and must meet a wide range of requirements. Reliability, safety, hygiene and quality are paramount. At the same time, high performance and precision are required. Our products meet the high requirements of this industry.

Solutions for your industry


  • Dental
  • Optics
  • Dialysis
  • Sterilization
Im Vordergrund sind Zahnarztwerkzeuge zu sehen und dahinter ein Zahnarztstuhl
Solutions for your industry

Laboratory Technology

Eine Maschine der Labortechnik schraubt Deckel auf Fläschchen

We master demanding challenges in life science

Perfectly dosed – it all depends on the right quantity

Whether drinking water, rinsing systems or cooling systems – liquids are an important aid in the dental sector. Our life science components ensure the exact dosage.

Absolute sterility – safe steam sterilization of medical devices

As the safest process for medical devices, steam sterilization ensures absolute sterility. Our life science products impress here with high temperature resistance and robustness.

Clean mounted – PURE fittings for ventilators

More resilience and patient protection. AVS Römer PURE components are perfect for oxygen systems and applications with medical gases, such as in intensive care ventilators.

  • 01

    Fitting technology

    ELSA Push-in and RAPID Push-on fittings for liquid and gaseous media

  • 02

    Function fitting technology

    Flow and shut-off valves, pressure relief and multifunction valves, couplings and filters for various applications

  • 03

    Valve technology

    Indirect and direct-acting valves and solenoid valves for controlling fluids and gases

  • 04

    Measurement and control technology

    Temperature sensors, pressure sensors, conductivity sensors and motorized dispensing valves for precise measurement for the control of fluid flow

For your life science needs

Low dead space design

Prevent accumulation of microorganisms and avoid media and bacteria buildup. Our low dead space design meets the high requirements in the life science sector and ensures purity in your system.

Compact design

More and more functionality in a small installation space. In medical and laboratory technology, many components often have to be accommodated in very little space. Our products for life science convince with their compact design, reliability and durability.

Certified quality

Compliance with certain standards and norms is a prerequisite for life science applications. Already at the material selection stage, we pay attention to the fulfillment of the corresponding regulations and certifications.

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AVS Römer GmbH & Co. KG
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Tel: +49 8552 4076 0