Products and solutions for the complex conditions in industrial applications

Products for industrial applications

Nowhere are the requirements as diverse as in industrial applications. Machines and industrial plants are complex and must be optimally adapted to the prevailing conditions. A wide variety of gases and liquids must be controlled reliably and safely. Our robust products meet the requirements of industry and ensure safety and quality in industrial production.

Solutions for your industry

Mechanical and plant engineering

  • Printing machines
  • Machine tools
  • Laser machines
  • Packaging machines
  • Filling machines
  • Spraying and painting equipment
  • Automation/Robotics
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Solutions for your industry

Energy and environmental technology

  • E-Mobility
  • Wind power
  • Telecommunications
  • Energy supply
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Water treatment
Solutions for your industry


  • Aviation
  • Rail transport
  • Commercial vehicles
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Solutions for your industry


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We master demanding challenges in the industrial environment

Optimized ink supply for the best print quality

Getting the right amount of ink onto the surface in the optimum composition. Whether offset or digital, printing systems must work quickly, reliably and cleanly. Our precision-fit, customized distribution blocks perform ink management to perfection and are resistant to aggressive media such as ink and cleaning agents.

Precise machining thanks to laser in manufacturing

Forming, cutting, joining, coating and changing material properties - lasers enable precise processing and are used in industry for a wide variety of manufacturing processes. Our products meet the high demands of our customers in laser technology and stand for absolute fitting accuracy, tightness, purity and durability.

Industrial water treatment – professional, economical and ecological

Hardly any production process in industry can do without water: Substances are removed or added and high volume flows are required. Professional water treatment with recirculation meets the increasing demand for process water and offers economic and ecological advantages. Here, our customers rely on our robust and compact GAMMA diaphragm valve. The patented valve principle runs quietly and impact-free - no pressure surges are generated - and scores with an exceptionally long service life and short switching times.

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    Fitting technology

    ELSA Push-in and RAPID Push-on fittings for liquid and gaseous media

  • 02

    Function fitting technology

    Flow and shut-off valves, pressure relief and multifunction valves, couplings and filters for various applications

  • 03

    Valve technology

    Indirect and direct-acting valves and solenoid valves for controlling fluids and gases

  • 04

    Measurement and control technology

    Temperature sensors, pressure sensors, conductivity sensors and motorized dispensing valves for precise measurement for the control of fluid flow

For your requirements in industrial

Variety of geometries and materials

Versatile processes and critical media are commonplace in industrial applications. The systems and machines must be optimally adapted to the prevailing conditions. Flexibility is required. Our wide variety of types and materials ensures maximum process and plant reliability with versatile applications. When selecting materials, we make sure that they comply with the relevant regulations and certifications.

Robustness and durability

In industry, it's all about smooth and reliable operation under extreme conditions such as high temperatures or pressures. Our industrial products are ideally suited for use in industrial applications. They impress with their robustness, durability and corrosion resistance and withstand critical parameters as well as aggressive media and cleaning applications.

Work and process safety

In the industrial segment, functionality and reliability play an essential role. We attach great importance to quality assurance and test our products using state-of-the-art measuring equipment and methods. Company certifications, product and material approvals provide additional security and confirm our high quality.

Customized special solutions for your application

As a specialist for custom solutions, we develop and produce individual solutions according to your requirements, even in small quantities.

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Industry knowledge and technical expertise

From laser and printing technology to robotics, our experts know the right components for your applications.

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