Medium-separated solenoid valve type ELV

More hygiene in a compact design

Hygienic, compact, low maintenance.

The special feature of this medium separated lever solenoid valve is the control of high flow rates in a compact design. This is made possible by a high power density.

  • 1 Hygienic

  • 2 Compact

  • 3 Low maintenance

Medium-separated solenoid valve MAGMA type ELV

Installation of the medium-separated solenoid valve type ELV is simple, fast and tool-free due to the proven AVS Römer push-in connectors. In addition to its compact design, the valve is characterized by long maintenance intervals and short service times.

  • Fixing clip connetcs solenoid activator and valve body
  • AVS Römer push-in connector with patented hyperfit® technology

The advantages

Hygienic Design

  • Dead space optimized
  • Patented hyperfit® sealing concept
  • Quick rinsing times
  • Less cleaning cycles

Assembly and maintenance – simple, fast and safe

  • Tool-free assembly due to AVS Römer push-in technology
  • Quick replacement of the membrane

Longer operating times

  • Wear free construction
  • Use of high quality materials

Medium separated

  • Thermal decoupling
  • Corrosion resistant

Compact design

  • High power density
  • Integrated AVS Römer push-in connectors in sizes 4 and 6mm

Tailored to your requirements

  • Standard: pressure up to 16bar and nominal size up to 4mm
  • Customized solutions on request

The perfect solution for your application

Food & Beverage


Life Science

Life Science

Laboratory technology

Eine Maschine der Labortechnik schraubt Deckel auf Fläschchen
Food & Beverage

Coffee machines

Es wird Milchschaum von einer Kaffeemaschine produziert
Food & Beverage

Beverage vending machines

Ein Glas wird unter einer Schankanlage mit Wasser befüllt
Food & Beverage

Dispensing systems

Unter einer Schankanlage stehen verschiedene Gläser mit Getränken

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