AVS Römer EAV 800


The direct-acting solenoid valve made of plastic

The combination of high-performance plastic with particularly corrosion-resistant magnetic steels makes the EAV 800 perfect for demanding applications in food & beverage and life science sectors. Whether aggressive media, high temperatures or strong operating pressures – the outstanding resistance to chemical and mechanical influences makes the EAV 800 a cost-effective alternative to stainless steel.

  • 1 NSF 169 certified

  • 2 Fail-safe

  • 3 Maximum resistance

  • 4 Durable

Plastic replaces metal

The EAV 800 offers the perfect solution for controlling hot water or steam in a wide variety of applications.


The advantages

NSF 169 certified and FDA compliant

FDA compliant materials and NSF certified product ensure safe use in food & beverage and life sience.

Fail-safe, durable, lightweight

Welded stainless steel plunger guide ensures maximum pressure and leakage resistance for a long service life.

Maximum resistance

Temperatures up to 130 °C, operating pressures up to 16 bar characterize the EAV 800 with water vapor resistant magnet system.

Low heat lost

The insulating property of the plastic minimizes the temperature transfer from the medium to the body.

Highest flexibility

Solenoid coils with different power classes enable optimum adaptation to a wide range of requirements in practice.

Simply mounted

The proven AVS Römer push-in technology allows quick and easy assembly and disassembly without any tools.

The perfect solution for your application

Food & Beverage


Life Science

Life Science

Dental treatment units

Food & Beverage

Hot and cold beverage vending machines

Food & Beverage

Electric hot and cold water fittings


Additional information


  • Type: direct-acting solenoid valve with elastic sealing
  • Version: 2/2- and 3/2-way
  • Connection sizes: push-in Ø 4 and Ø 6
  • Nominal diameter: up to DN 3
  • Nominal pressure: up to 16 bar
  • Medium temperature: -10 °C to +130 °C
  • Materials in contact with the medium: PPSU, stainless steel and FKM or EPDM as seal material
  • Approval: NSF 169

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Tel: +49 8552 4076 0
E-Mail: info@avs-roemer.de