AVS Römer distribution manifold technology

One component, many integrated functions

A plug & play solution for fast, safe and precise process applications in fluidics and pneumatics. AVS Römer distribution manifolds set industry standards for the distribution of liquids or gases in fluid circuits. A single component handles the targeted supply, distribution and control of liquid and gas flows in technical equipment and machines. Integrated filter and valve functions enable a large variety of configurations in combination with the modular design.

  • 1 Compact

  • 2 Safe

  • 3 Very easy to integrate

  • 4 Customized

Application-specific standards as a highlight

The requirements for distribution manifolds vary depending on the application and the intended purpose. Different materials and designs cover a broad range of applications. As a specialist in custom solutions, one of our core competencies is implementing customer-specific requirements for and related to the product:

  • Special handling
  • Extreme requirements
  • Complex processes
  • Special functions


Plug & Play

AVS Römer distribution manifolds handle a large variety of functions as a single component. They reduce installation work at the customer’s company and streamline the customer’s materials management. There is no need for separate fittings. AVS Römer distributor blocks make precise and professional installation easier.

Perfect integration

Whether it’s valves, sealing and diaphragm units, or flow, pressure or temperature sensors – AVS Römer manifolds can integrate a large variety of functions. This way, one component performs multiple functions and replaces separate products.

Compact design

Distributors often need to be installed in tight spaces. Our compact construction means the space requirement is reduced to a minimum. The modular approach enables the optimal adaptation of manifolds to the space available to the customer for the installation.

Completely safe

Connectors are possible leakage points. The direct installation of push-in/push-on connectors in the manifols reduces the number of sealing points in the system and minimizes the risk of leakage. Each distributor manifold is individually tested with respect to all requirements and functions. This 100% test ensures maximum safety.

Customized all-inclusive package

At your request, we will take care of:

  • The entire project planning process, including the full design, in accordance with customer specifications / installation space / CAD model
  • Examination of manufacturability and economic viability
  • Prototypes and the production of samples in small to large numbers, as well as serial production
  • Additional customer specifications with regard to handling, cleanliness, packaging, etc.

Various materials

From plastics and aluminum to stainless steel, the large selection of different materials meets various requirements for the relevant areas in which manifolds are used with respect to pressure and temperature.

Tailored to your requirements

Compact and customized. As a specialist in custom solutions, one of our core competencies is implementing customer-specific requirements. We offer variations or customized distribution manifolds to guarantee the perfect solution for your application.

The perfect solution for your application


Machine tools

Water manifolds, coolant manifolds, DI water manifolds

Print technology

Ink manifolds, coolant manifolds

Laser technology

Clean air distributors, water manifolds, coolant manifolds, DI water manifolds

Cooling and temperature control systems

Coolant manifolds, DI water manifolds

Charging station technology

Water manifolds, coolant manifolds

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AVS Römer GmbH & Co. KG
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Tel: +49 8552 4076 0
E-Mail: info@avs-roemer.de