Vor dem Gebäude der Firma befinden sich Apfelbäume

Sustainability at AVS Römer

  • 14

    Percent of the needed electricity is generated with the own photovoltaic system

  • 395136

    Kilograms less CO₂ emissions in 2022 during production

  • 250

    Shrubs and 120 trees were planted on the company's property

Sustainability at AVS Römer

As a family-owned company with headquarters in the middle of the Bavarian Forest, the topic of sustainability is particularly close to our hearts. Sustainability is a state of mind. Therefore, it concerns all areas, from production to the company building to the behavior of each individual. We at AVS Römer show responsibility for people and the environment and are constantly working on further developments and new solutions.

Vor dem Firmengebäude von AVS Römer stehen Apfelbäume
Man sieht einen Behälter voller Steckhülsen

High in-house production depth

We manufacture the components plastic body, steel claws and the piece sleeve made of brass on site. Only the O-rings are supplied. This avoids countless trips by suppliers. Raw materials are stored with foresight. In the case of necessary travel routes, we optimize them as far as possible, taking ecological aspects into account.

Energy recycling

In the production process, heat energy – for example the residual heat from spraying machines – is reused thanks to heat recovery and hydraulic cooling systems.

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Man sieht Rohstoffmaterialien in der Verarbeitung

Pollutant-free production and products

During the processing of raw materials, such as aluminum, plastic, brass or stainless steel, any pollutants produced are completely captured by filter systems. Our certified German disposal partner then recycles them in an environmentally friendly manner and returns them to the recycling chain down to the smallest chip.

Use of pendulum tanks

To avoid waste, we use so-called shuttle containers in shipping wherever possible. In doing so, we provide our suppliers with reusable containers. We also pay attention to conserving resources in other ways during storage. For example, we switched from plastic to paper in temporary storage.

Das Bild ist eine Aufnahme von oben auf die Montage

We live sustainability

  • Energy efficient thanks to photovoltaic system:
    At our company headquarters in Grafenau, we have our own photovoltaic system. With this, we already generate part of the electricity we need.

  • Reduced CO₂ emissions:
    Every year, we reduce CO₂ emissions in production through various measures.

  • We promote e-mobility:
    Employees and visitors can charge their electric vehicles free of charge at four electric charging stations on the company premises.

  • More space for flora and fauna:
    We have planted over 120 trees and 250 shrubs on the company’s property. Created habitats provide perfect retreats for insects, small rodents and lizards.

Ein E-Auto ist an eine Ladesäule angesteckt

A short look into the future


We are currently converting to automated machine data collection to eliminate paper piles and waste.

Product Lifecycle Management

For even greater transparency, we will evaluate the recyclability of all products and create product-related certificates.

What can we do for you?

AVS Römer GmbH & Co. KG
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94481 Grafenau
Tel: +49 8552 4076 0
E-Mail: info@avs-roemer.de

AVS Römer GmbH & Co. KG
Reismühle 3
94481 Grafenau
Tel: +49 8552 4076 0
E-Mail: info@avs-roemer.de