Headquarter Grafenau

AVS Römer has its headquarters in Grafenau, Reismühle. The complete administration and a large part of the production are located here. Around 400 people are employed in Grafenau in the technical and commercial divisions of the company.

AVS Römer Grafenau

On a floor area of 39,000 m², there is currently 10,000 square meters of production space and 1,200 square meters of administrative space available. With the new north building, the company site will grow by a further 6,800 m² to accommodate the company's growth.

At a glance

Since 1980 in Grafenau

Headquarter since 2017

Over 400 employees




Römer leases a plot of land with a 1,000 m² factory building in Grafenau, a second location is built.


The site developed excellently and is continuously expanded, followed in 1988 by a production hall with design building and a solenoid valve test stand.


Construction of a warehouse with shelving system for clear storage of the material.


The old office building is demolished and a new two-story production hall is built.


On November 5, the 40th anniversary of the company's Grafenau site is celebrated.


As the production site in Grafenau has reached its limits, Gabriela Römer decides to build a new building in the nearby Reismühle. This has 10,000 m² of production space and 1,200 m² of administrative space.


On December 7, the company headquarters are moved to Grafenau. The longstanding administrative headquarters in Königsdorf is thus history.


The new north building with the extension of 6,800 m² begins. In order to meet the growth of the last years, the existing company building is doubled in area.

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AVS Römer GmbH & Co. KG
Reismühle 3
94481 Grafenau
Tel: +49 8552 4076 0
E-Mail: info@avs-roemer.de

AVS Römer GmbH & Co. KG
Reismühle 3
94481 Grafenau
Tel: +49 8552 4076 0
E-Mail: info@avs-roemer.de